Skyreach is fully committed to:

Ensuring a safe work place for its employees by ensuring that all OHSE policies and procedures are implemented, monitored and adhered to.

Continually striving to improve safety performance by establishing measurable objectives and targets and monitoring these to ensure continuing improvement.

Instilling a cultural mindset that makes everyone focus on safety by regularly consulting with employees to improve decision making and providing adequate resources to meet these commitments, including training and education.

Regularly analysing our processes and procedures in order to identify and rectify any unsafe work conditions or practices and implementing changes to promote safe practices.

Ensuring that effective injury management and rehabilitation is provided for all injured employees but setting the primary to goal to achieve a Zero Harm working environment.

Minimising any environmental impacts through reducing waste, actively recycling our components and striving to reduce any pollutants that we produce.

Providing safety guidance by providing clear and complete Risk Assessments for all of the equipment that we hire out, including any extras and attachments provided.

Providing all relevant Compliance and Certification paperwork for all our equipment upon request and this includes all Mine Site compliance information.

We are actively working towards achieving AS 4801 OHS and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance.

We are actively working towards achieving ISO 4801 Environmental Standard.