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There are significant differences in the way that Skyreach goes about arranging rentals with its business partners. While being price competitive is an essential factor, there is more about Skyreach than price. We are also driven by:

Presentation - most of our rental equipment is branded in our company colours (red, white and yellow). It not only makes our equipment stand out on-site, but it also shows to our business partners that we take pride in our rental fleet, its appearance and the fact that you are receiving plant equipment from a company that cares about its image.

Quality - we carry out a stringent process of testing new manufactures models available in the EWP market before purchasing. Only after conducting our own evaluation, do we purchase what we regard as the best in a particular model.

True Value - with competitive rental rates and the ability to continually provide reliable late model. Rental equipment with the all latest technology, we deliver true value to Skyreach clients

Updated Rental Fleet - there's certainly strength in numbers and economies of scale and we have both. Skyreach has a massive rental fleet and prides itself with the vast size and model range of EWP's available at our branches. Plus, we are committed to continually updating the fleet day by day, month by month.

Efficient Transportation Service - with our company branded contracted vehicles, we ensure deliveries are on time. Our transport service is genuinely structured 24/7. We are there when you need us.

Service - by providing a genuine 24/7 back-up support service, we are not just a 7-5 company.

People that care - establishing good relationships with our business partners is paramount to Skyreach. We are heavily focused on growing and strengthening the relationships, its not just about rentals – it doesn't end there with us.

24/7 - we are structured 24/7. We are there for when you need us the most.