News - Innovative Drilling Attachment Fits Skyreach Boom Lift

Skyreach, the Brisbane based access equipment hire company, has developed an innovative and compact attachment that will allow drilling operations to be conducted from the work platform of a Skyreach boom lift. This is a purpose engineered attachment which has been thoroughly developed and is now operating on work sites.

In the past, Skyreach experienced problems with their equipment when used for drilling. Side loads and excessive weight on the platform was damaging the work platforms.

"We decided to find a solution for drillers operating at height," said Mitch Ely of Skyreach.

"The solution was to engineer a purpose built platform with drill carrier which could be attached to our Skyreach 86' boom lift. Instead of drillers having to abseil down a rock face to drill into rock, our system delivers a safer and much more productive alternative."

The system incorporates a box truss frame to which the drill and linear bearings attach. This pivots through an arc of zero to 45 degrees to allow the drillers to operate through a range of motion most suited to the work site, and specifically, rock faces.

A completely new platform was constructed so as to remain with the standard weight and size of the boom lift.

The major challenge in the design centred on the way in which the side loadings of the impact drill could be absorbed.
The solution was to have a series of bearings fitted to the 25mm shafts which were also fitted with custom made springs. In this way, the energy generated by the air driven impact drill is not transferred back to the platform and in turn the boom.

In trials, and now production, the feedback has been nothing short of 100% positive. Productivity is the key. On the first work site, 20 holes were being drilled per day in the first day of operation. The expectation is that with further experience and training, this work rate will be lifted by 50%.

"The entire system is very light, as weight is our nemesis," said Mitch Ely.

"By using aluminium, and reducing the size of the platform, we are operating within the design limitations of the Skyreach boom lift, even after allowing for a maximum load of 800 Newtons."

"We are very pleased with the performance of the new Skyreach system and we are now looking to apply this technology to an even higher 135' Skyreach boom lift."