News - Skyreach Celebrates 20 Years Of Achievement

Skyreach, the Brisbane based access equipment hire company, is celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2014. Established in 1994 by Rod Leech, Skyreach has enjoyed twenty years of sustained growth to become one of Australia's pre-eminent players in this market segment.

Rod Leech commenced Skyreach with nothing more than a mobile phone, pager, a bunch of business cards and a dream. Today, the organisation is ranked as the 50th biggest access hire equipment company in the world. The annual listing of the world market is undertaken by the UK based access industry publisher, Access International. Skyreach boasts branches along the east coast of Australia with a concentration in the Queensland market.

As a privately owned family business, the success of Skyreach is nothing short of phenomenal. Competing against national operators and publically listed companies, Skyreach has carved out an impressive track record over the twenty years of operation.

"When we started Skyreach we were focussed on the business of the day and never gave any thought as to milestones such as a 20 year anniversary," said Rod Leech, Managing Director of Skyreach. "Our strength and the key to our enduring success can be put down to our ability to meet market demands quickly and decisively."

"If we have a request for equipment which is already committed, or not in our expansive Skyreach range, then we can respond really quickly. We can acquire equipment and ship it out via our own trucking fleet. It doesn't get any faster."

The same principals apply to established new branches. Skyreach has branches in all the key east coast markets, with satellite branches also in place at strategic locations to support emerging mining operations.

While Rod Leech continues to drive the company from his Caboolture (Brisbane) headquarters, the commitment of the Skyreach team right through the organisation has played a big part in Skyreach celebrating the 20 year milestone.

"Many of the people who joined the fledgling Skyreach operation in my early years are still a part of the team today," said Rod Leech. "I'm really pleased for them, that we are able to celebrate together, 20 years of growth and success under the same ownership."